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We've Added a 3rd Camp Frozen!!

 July 21-25

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The Master Class Academy

Fun for students.

Easy for parents.

Today’s busy moms and dads find themselves driving their children to what seems like 90 different activities 90 times a week! 

The Master Class Academy understands and has structured its course schedule to alleviate some of the professional-chauffeur aspects of parenting.  We work with you to combine classes to one day a week and within the same block of time... 

One place to drive to. 

One place to pick-up from.


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About Us

The Master Class Academy is the only Performing Arts School in Central Florida that offers Acting, Dance, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Drums under one roof.

All of our faculty members have at least a Bachelor's Degree in the subject they teach, and each has extensive teaching and performance experience, as well.

In other words, our faculty is educated and experienced enough to take our students as far as they want to go with their arts eudcation.

Our students range in age from 3 years old to 74 years old (shhh! we'll deny we mentioned her age) and range in experience level from pure beginners to active professional performers.

By design, all of our classes and lessons are small to ensure individual attention.

Special rates for trial classes.

We have ongoing enrollment and welcome new students throughout the year.

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We've Added a 3rd Camp Frozen!!

Click here for 2014 Camp Registration

Best Theatrical School (2013)

2012 - Best Theatrical School
Best Theatrical School (2012)

2011 - Best Theatrical School
Best Theatrical School (2011)

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TMCA Kids in "Toy Story"

TMCA Kids in "Knights & Maidens"